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Wellbeing Cafe

Our Wellbeing Cafe is a welcoming space to meet others, to share hobbies and to take part in activites. We meet every Friday, between 2:30pm and 4:30pm, at the Church Hall.

What we offer...

We offer a quiet friendly environment where regulars can meet with others over tea and coffee and enjoy craft and board game activities. We believe in a culture where it's OK not to be OK.

How does the cafe typically run?

People usually arrive around 2:30pm, however many will come later (people are free to drop-in at anytime). Upon arrival people will usually help themselves to a hot drink (and maybe a biscuit or two) and find a craft or activity they are interested in. Usually we have two craft tables (a wet craft, such as rock painting, and a dry craft, such as card-making). We also usually have a puzzle table and a cards/board games table. Depending on their preference, people are free to move between the different tables, or just sit down with someone and chat. People are free to help themselves to refreshments while at the cafe. At around 4:15pm (15 minutes before the end), people have the option to take part in a short quiet Christian reflection (in a separate room). The cafe finishes at 4:30pm.  The best way to find out about the cafe is to come along, you will be very welcome.

Who is welcome to the cafe?

The cafe is an inclusive space, open to any adult (aged 18 or over). You don't have to be a church member or invited to join, nor do you need to 'fill-in a form'. The cafe is a drop-in space with no commitment to attend every week (although you will be always sure of a warm welcome when you do come). If you have any concerns about attending the cafe please contact the Vicar or the cafe's host D E (contact details at the bottom of the page).

Is the cafe affiliated with other organisations?

Our Wellbeing Cafe is supported and managed locally by volunteers from All Saints Church, Earls Barton. The cafe is also affiliated with the Renew Wellbeing organsiation who help organise and provide resources for cafes like ours. Our cafe is run and managed under guidelines set out by Renew Wellbeing

For more information please contact the cafe host, Denise, on (01604) 903176 or the Vicar.