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Bibles for EBPS

Bibles for EBPS
Published on Fri, 28 May 2021 17:54

Following the wonderful response from our church family to the "Buy a Bible for Earls Barton Primary School Appeal"  we have raised enough to buy the 30 Lion Story Teller Bibles and 15 International  Children’s Bibles requested by the school.  They are due to be delivered very soon. We will be including a dedication in each one saying:

This Bible has been given to Earls Barton Primary School with love and prayers from the congregation at All Saints Church, Earls Barton. 

There were also some extra funds which are going to be used to buy Board Bibles for new babies attending our B1BS group, and future Baptism babies.

To everyone who supported this appeal  -THANK YOU SO MUCH!!