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BiOY "Bible in One Year"

BiOY "Bible in One Year"
Published on Wed, 6 Jan 2021 09:48

What about making 2021 the year you read the whole Bible and studied closer God’s word? ??

The BiOY ‘Bible In One Year’ can be listened to or read daily via an app (pictured below) or read from a BIOY Bible. It only takes 20 minutes a day and will take you from Genesis to Revelation in a year - reading not just the set passages but discovering their meaning too. If you want to join the challenge email Revd Jenny at thevicar.earlsbarton@outlook.com together we can share our findings and keep one another accountable throughout the year. 
Or Perhaps you’re looking to pray into something particular at the start of this new year? ‘Try Praying’ is a seven day journal which encourages you to pray through something of your choice. Be in touch with Jenny if you’re interested in obtaining a ‘Try Praying’ booklet as pictured below. 
Whatever your plans 2021 - God be with you and bless you! 
Jenny x